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Don't just watch. Learn.
Learn technical skills faster and better with our blended approach of on-demand training and live lab environments for hands-on practice!
How does it work?
SkillMeUp provides learning paths that consist of on-demand courses and live lab environments (including access to Azure!) for a truly immersive learning experience. We provide everything you need (except your computer and Internet access!) to dig in and learn a subject hands-on.
How much does it cost?
Skill Me Up is subscription based. Subscriptions include full access to Real Time Lab Environments as well as unlimited access to on-demand courses. You can view current pricing here.
Is there a free trial?
There is a 72 hour free trial to try out the service. You must cancel within your trial period to avoid charges.
What subjects are included?
We are a born in the cloud training company and offer extensive training on Azure. However, we know that the cloud is only one aspect of digital transformation and provide training on operating systems like Windows and Linux, configuration management tools like Chef, Puppet, Ansible as well as traditional software development and data services such as Java, C#, and SQL Server.
Who is SkillMeUp for?
  • Non-technical professionals that need to learn core technical skills to work in a modern office environment
  • New to career IT pros, security specialists, data specialists, and future developers that want to learn the basics of their trade
  • Experienced IT pros and operations specialists that want to stay up on the latest technologies in the cloud and enterprise software
  • Experienced software developers that need to stay focused on the latest technologies in the cloud and modern application development
  • Experienced technologists that specialize in data that need to learn modern technologies for storing, maintaining and analyzing data
How to get started?
Team Management
The Skill Me Up Learning Management System is ideal for accelerated learning for busy professionals that are part of an organization. It is designed to allow readiness leads within an organization to manage and track the progress of students through the entire learning lifecycle from foundational training to ongoing education.
Host labs with us
Save money and time by using Skill Me Up to host your custom labs online.