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On-Demand Training

Skill Me Up On Demand training offers you not only instant access to today’s most sought after IT skills but fundamental essentials that are key to having a thorough, deep understanding of specific technologies and what is taking place under the surface. Our guided learning plans take you step-by-step through all the basics into the advanced feature sets for specific technologies and explain why each skill is needed. Learn More

Real-Time Labs

Like to learn by doing? Get your hands “virtually” dirty and dig in with Skill Me Up Real Time Labs. Our labs give you live access to real environments, deployed at your command within virtual machines, to give you true hands-on access to the tools and technology that you are focused on learning. Get practice for your role or prep for certification on Azure, SQL, Kubernetes, Microsoft 365, and more, as much as you want, any time you want, with the safety and security of knowing you won’t blow anything up! Learn More

Live Training

Do you enjoy learning in real time with a live instructor but don’t have the time or budget necessary to take advantage of this learning experience? With Skill Me Up Live you can now experience live, virtual-led training from the industry recognized experts at Opsgility with the benefits of a flexible schedule. Ask questions, get input from other students, and enjoy certification classes, exam crams, and Ask the Expert Q and A experiences all as part of your Skill Me Up subscription. Learn More


Not only do you want to learn new skills but you want the ability to prove to the world that your skills have been validated. This makes you more marketable in the ever more competitive IT workplace. With Skill Me Up, you can learn all you need to achieve not just leading ISV certifications such as Azure role based certs, but you can also become Skill Me Up Certified with Acclaim badges that showcase your skills in areas such as Web App development, fundamentals of IaaS, and more! Get started by enrolling in a Live Hack and get your own Badge! Learn More

Expert Talks

Learn from the masters of IT and Cloud technologies and ask direct questions with our Expert Talks. Industry recognized subject matter experts share their expertise in live, regularly scheduled two-hour webinars. Subjects range from today’s hottest tech topics to exam crams on the latest IT and Cloud certifications. Interaction is key to the Expert Talk experience. Ask questions, comment, and receive direct feedback on issues you are facing within your own tech environments. Learn More

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We focus on always delivering new and fresh training on the most marketable technologies in today's IT Industry. Below is just a sampling of technologies you can choose to train on with our platform.

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