Building APIs on Azure

In this learning path you will learn how to author and deploy APIs using Azure API Apps as well as how to manage and monitor the APIs using API Management as well as Azure Application Insights.

5 (12)
2 Lectures
1 Labs
6h 25m
Jul 7 2018
On-Demand Course
Dec 6 2016
1h 42m

This course is five modules on Implementing and Managing Web APIs in Azure. This first module will provide an overview to give you and understanding of the Web API capabilities available in Microsoft Azure. Then we will cover building API apps, where the API Apps service is, and where it fits within...

Real Time Lab
Nov 9 2018
Skill Me Up

In this lab, you will create a Web API using ASP.NET MVC that will then be deployed into Azure API Apps. You will also integrate Swagger using the Swashbuckle NuGet package to automatically generate usage documentation for the Web API. From there you will setup a new API Management Service within Az...

On-Demand Course
Oct 10 2017
2h 42m

This course gives you an introduction to App Insights. This course begins by covering the importance of gathering telemetry data and how doing this correctly can help overcome usage and performance blindness usually associated to production workloads. Once we’ve covered the introductory aspects, I...