Building Mobile Apps on Azure

In this learning path, you will learn the basics of building mobile applications that use Azure Services as well as building client side mobile components using Xamarin.

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3 Lectures
1 Labs
7h 6m
Jul 7 2018
Mar 26 2017
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In this course you will learn about the Azure App Service offering, Mobile Apps. After being introduced to Mobile Apps, you will learn why they can help your enterprise, how the service tiers are structured, how to scale, and how to monitor using mobile apps. In our Hands-On Lab, you will create an ...

Skill Me UP
Nov 13 2018
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In this lab, you will create an Azure Mobile App backend service. This service will consist of an ASP.NET Web API and SQL database that will be hosted on an Azure App Service. As you go through the lab you will see how to create both standard and custom API endpoints and how to test them from a RE...

May 9 2017
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In this class on Xamarin Forms, you will learn how to create cross platform applications for iOS, Android and Windows UWP and share C# code for both the UI and the logic that drives it. We will cover the solution structure, layout system, basic controls and different app styles you can create. XAM...

Oct 10 2017
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This course gives you an introduction to App Insights. This course begins by covering the importance of gathering telemetry data and how doing this correctly can help overcome usage and performance blindness usually associated to production workloads. Once we’ve covered the introductory aspects, I...

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