Introduction to Data Science on Azure

In this learning path, you will learn the basics of data science including what data science is, some of the common programming languages used in data science (R and Python) as well as an introduction to machine learning.

5 (10)
4 Lectures
0 Labs
5h 30m
Jan 14 2019

This course covers the necessary tools and concepts used in the data science industry to include machine learning, statistical inference, working with data at scale and much more.

Sep 9 2019
1h 8m

This course is an introduction to Python. In this course you will learn which IDE is right for you, print statements, data types, control flow, Python functions and anonymous functions, methods, file io, and an introduction to Python packages.

Jul 2 2019
1h 59m

This course covers introduction to the R Language. We start off with an introduction to R verisons and R Editions then move to R the language. From there will dive into one of R’s strongest features, Graphics. Using base R graphics and GGPlot you will learn how to get started, and learn how to creat...

Aug 12 2019
1h 37m

This course is an introduction to Microsoft Azure Machine Learning Services. In this course you will learn to navigate the AML Services interface, create notebook servers, create compute clusters, manage AML Services from a notebook, deploy models, and create an Automated Machine Learning experiment...