Introduction to Relational Databases

This learning path is designed to teach you the fundamentals of relational databases using Microsoft SQL Server. You will learn core concepts such as tables, indexes, and building relationships with foreign keys. From there, you will learn how to write queries using T-SQL to query data as well as make changes to your database.

5 (2)
2 Lectures
1 Labs
4h 7m
Mar 19 2019
1h 29m

The course will teach you the fundamentals of the relational database model and how to access data stored in relational databases. The course will give students an understanding of relational database concepts and teach the practical application of these concepts through the T-SQL programming langua...

Real Time Lab
Apr 7 2019
Skill Me Up

In this lab, you will learn the fundamentals of creating databases, tables, views and relationships using Microsoft SQL Server. You will gain experience using SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) and learn introductory concepts of writing T-SQL queries.

Nov 25 2019
1h 37m

This course serves as an introduction to the T-SQL programming language. This course is designed to give students a strong foundation in the T-SQL language which is used by all variants of SQL Server both on-premises and in the cloud.