Using GitHub

In this learning path, you will learn how to take advantage of GitHub in your organization starting from the fundamentals to more advanced topics focused on developers.

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1 Lectures
2 Labs
5h 11m
Jul 8 2018
Jun 7 2018
On-Demand Course
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In this Introduction to GitHub course, we will examine the differences between Git and GitHub. We will also learn the following:A workflow process called GitHub Flow as well as the steps within that workflowHow to resolve merge conflicts in GitHubHow to fork a repository to make it your ownHow GitHu...

Skill Me Up
May 15 2018
Real Time Lab
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In this lab, you will take the role of a GitHub administrator for new GitHub repositories. You will learn how to create and manage repositories as well as how to perform all the functions of GitHub Flow using the website in additional to the command line Git tools.

Skill Me Up
Jul 21 2017
Real Time Lab
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In this lab, you will use GitHub and the Microsoft Azure cloud platform together to build an application lifecycle management (ALM) environment. You will use GitHub to fork a repository and manage a project with issues and tasks. You will use Microsoft Azure as the deployment target for your forke...