Azure Application Insights
Alex Mang
2 h 42 m
Lecture Overview
This course gives you an introduction to App Insights. This course begins by covering the importance of gathering telemetry data and how doing this correctly can help overcome usage and performance blindness usually associated to production workloads. Once we’ve covered the introductory aspects, I will start deep diving the monitoring aspects, where the plan is to show how telemetry data can be gathered for both web and non-web applications (module 2). Right after that, I will show the more advanced topics and services of App Insights and eventually finish the course with the 3rd party integration and security aspects of the service. This course is intended especially for Software Developers, no matter whether they are hosting their apps in Azure, AWS or their own private datacenter.

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  • Azure Subscription: trials are also acceptable
  • Visual Studio 2017
Lecture Modules

This will be the introduction to App Insights: what is it, how does it work, what kind of data does it gather, why does it gather that data anyway?

  • Why do you need App Insights?
  • What is App Insights?
  • How does it work?

During this module, I will cover more aspects of the types of data the system gathers and how they are collected. Afterwards, during a demo, I will show a brand new application being built and how, once installed, App Insights can gather all the desired data

  •   Monitoring web applications
  •   How is the data sent
  •   How to monitor existing apps

App Insights can be pro-active when it comes to due-to-fail applications. The feature capable of doing that is called Smart detection – after explaining the concept, I will demo it at work. After that, I will show the Analytics portal and how querying for data works, but also how App Insights can store annotations when web apps have been updated, so that one can compare performance improvements or, on the contrary, decreases, based on application versions and production publishes. Additionally, I will also show how to implement the data sampling pattern

  • Smart detection and Live Metric Stream
  • Analytics portal
  • ALM Integration
  • Data Sampling

This module will be all about the true developer experience: how Visual Studio extensions work with App Insights and how to quickly get seamless access to the data generated by the production workload, straight down in Visual Studio. Also, it just makes a lot of sense to see how exceptions and traces can also be sent to the same bucket of telemetry data

  • Visual Studio integration
  • Exception logging and traces

Some of the awesome features of Application Insights actually have to deal with its capability of notifying users when things don’t go as expected. During this module, I will cover the alerting systems available within App Insights. Additionally, because it just makes a lot of sense since this is mostly a DevOps conversation, also during this module, I will cover the ARM templating capabilities for App Insights

  • Alerts
  • ARM templating

App Insights plays well with other services too. And which services would it be more familiar than the ones Project Managers and DevOps like the best? During this module, I will cover the steps necessary for sending out the gather telemetry data to both PowerBI and OMS.

  • Integration with PowerBI
  • Integration with OMS
During the last module, I will cover the available options of consuming data programmatically, in a secure manner.
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