Cloud Workshop - Line of Business Application Migration
4 h 45 m
Lab Overview
In this lab, you will use the Azure Migrate service to migrate the SmartHotel app which is currently hosted on an on-premises infrastructure hosted in Hyper-V to Azure Virtual Machines. During the lab, you will migrate this entire application stack to Azure using the Azure Migrate service. Note: this lab takes 60-75 minutes to fully deploy.This lab is down for maintenance. 

Related Learning Path(s):
AZ - 301 Microsoft Azure Architect Design
Migrating Workloads to Microsoft Azure
AZ - 300 Microsoft Azure Architect Technologies
  • Migrate Hyper-V based workloads to Microsoft Azure
  • Familiarity with Azure IaaS components including VMs, networking and storage
In this exercise, you will verify that the on-premises environment has finished deployment before moving to Exercise 2.

In this exercise, you will use Azure Migrate: Server Assessment to assess the on-premises environment. This includes creating the Azure Migrate project, deploying and configuring the Azure Migrate appliance, creating a migration assessment, and configuring and exploring the dependency visualization feature.
In this exercise, the SQL Server database will be assessed by installing the Microsoft SQL Server Data Migration Assistant (DMA) on the Hyper-V host, and using it to gather information about the database. Schema migration and data migration will then be completed using the Azure Database Migration Service (DMS).

In this exercise the application, web, and web proxy tiers will be migrated to Azure VMs using Azure Migrate: Server Migration. You will walk through the steps of building the Azure environment, replicating data to Azure, customizing VM settings, and performing a failover to migrate the application to Azure.

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