Common Service Management in Linux
2 h 30 m
Lab Overview
In this lab, you will learn how to setup and configure common services in your Linux VMs. Services will include FTP, NFS, CIFS, SNP, HTTP Proxy, and LDAP.This lab automatically deploys multiple virtual machines that you will use as part of the lab and will take between 3 to 5 minutes to fully provision.

Related Learning Path(s):
Linux System Administration - Exam prep
In this exercise, you will start the Real Time Lab environment for the lab. 
In this exercise, you will be using both the ServerVM and ClientVM systems. In the following three tasks, you will set up a number of file sharing services on the ServerVM system, including ftp, NFS, and CIFS.
In this exercise, you will configure SNMP and HTTP proxy service.
In this exercise, you will set up the ServerVM system to host an LDAP directory. Then you’ll configure an LDAP client on the ClientVM system. You’ll add a user to the LDAP directory, and use LDAP to authenticate to the ClientVM system. Then you’ll work with the LDAP directory a bit more, practicing the steps to manipulate users and groups defined in the directory.
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