Configure Exchange Online, Delve and Office 365 Video for End Users
Ben Stegink
2 h 9 m
Lecture Overview
This course covers configuring Exchange Online and Delve and Office 365 Video for End Users. This course starts with user settings for Exchange Online such as email address, aliases and SIP addresses. Users we’ll learn about Resource Mailboxes, Office 365 Groups (replacing Shared Mailboxes), External Contacts and Distribution Lists. It will also cover two recent features that have been released and added to the 70-347 test, Delve and the Office 365 Video Portal.This course will get you well on your way to earning your MCSA: Office 365. The course outline is based on “Configure additional email addresses for users” and “Create and manage external contacts, resources and groups” from Microsoft Exam 70-347.

Related Learning Path(s):
Office 365 Administration
  • How to configure additional email address for users
  • Learn about creating and managing external contacts, resource and groups
  • Prepare for Exam: 70-347
  • An Office 365 tenant you can use for HOLs
  • A computer for writing and running remote PowerShell
  • Exposure and the use of the Office 365 Admin Center
  • Basic administrative experience with Office 365
  • Basic PowerShell scripting experience
Lecture Modules

In this module, we’ll cover configuring additional email address for users.  This could be due to adding a new domain, or needing additional aliases for your users or even changing their default email address.  We’ll look at how to accomplish all these tasks both using the web UI as well as PowerShell. We’ll also look at the various groups and resources in Office 365 as well as external contacts.  We’ll cover working with these resources using both the web UI and PowerShell as well.

In this module we’ll cover Exchange Online Resources.  This includes External Contacts, Mail Users and Resources. We’ll also look at Office 365 Group, their replacement of Shared Mailboxes, and how to administer those groups.  Finally, we’ll wrap up with delegating mailbox permissions.
Hands-On Labs:

In this module we’ll cover two new features to the Office 365 Suite that are now included in the 70-347 Exam.  Delve is a service to help your end users discover content that is likely to be the most interesting and relevant to them.  The Video Portal is a corporate video service leveraging Azure Media Service to host and stream video content to your end users.

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