Introduction to Microsoft Teams with Office 365
1 h 5 m
Lab Overview
In this lab, you will learn how to install the Microsoft Teams application, create your first Team, and then explore the Microsoft Team's Admin Center. From there, you will get some hands-on practice managing Teams and Channels.

Related Learning Path(s):
Office 365 Administration
  • Understanding how to create a Team in Microsoft Teams
  • Administrative Settings in Microsoft Teams
  • Understanding how to mange a Team once it’s created.
  • Basic understanding of Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams
In this exercise, you will install the Microsoft Team's client on your LAB VM and then create your first Team. 
In this exercise, you will login to the Microsoft Teams Admin Center and explore some of the settings available to you as a Microsoft Teams Administrator. 
In this exercise, you will add users, and change some of the settings of your previously created Team.
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