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Partner with SkillMeUp
Host on-demand labs for conferences, training classes, webinars and more, all with the simplicity of the SkillMeUp learning platform.
How much does it cost?
Lab costs vary depending on the length of the lab and the amount of resources needed.
Lab Development
We are experts in curriculum and lab design. Please contact us for a quote for assistance.
What kind of labs can you host?
  • Labs that use virtualization such as Hyper-V or VMWare
  • Labs that run in virtual machines (Windows or Linux)
  • Labs that use Microsoft Azure including Azure Stack
  • Labs that use Microsoft Office 365
  • Labs that use Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • Attendees access a fully featured lab environment friction-free and on-demand
  • Lab environments automatically clean up on completion
  • Integrated management capabilities with multi-user reporting and lab credit management
  • Save money by only paying for what you need for your event