Introduction to Application Insights
1 h 45 m
Lab Overview
In this lab, you will learn how to configure a .NET application to send exception and telemetry data to Application Insights. You will also learn how to navigate the application insights UI to review the captured data as well as setup alerts.

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  • Configure an application for Application Insights
  • Send custom telemetry data
  • Monitor and alert on data
  • Learn how to use live metrics
  • Introduction to the Application Insights Querying Language (AIQL)

In this exercise, you will create a new ASP.NET MVC using the MVC template and Visual Studio 2017. Alongside the project creation, you will also specify the creation of the Application Insights resource specific for the project.

In this exercise, you will look at the gathered data by Application Insights from the application created earlier.
During this exercise, we will force the system to throw an exception and also instruct the application to send the exception object to Application Insights.

During this exercise, we will call a 3rd party API using server-side calls. The expected result is to see slow response times (>500ms) and have Application Insights point out the reason for the slow responses.

In this exercise, you will understand how to use Live Metrics.
During this exercise, you will swap the Azure Portal experience for Application Insights specific experience, within the so-called Application Insights Analytics portal. You will get a better understanding of AIQL, the Application Insights Querying Language and learn some tips and tricks about it.
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