Introduction to Azure Cosmos DB SQL API using Java
0 h 45 m
Lab Overview
In this lab you will leverage the Azure Portal to create an instance of Azure Cosmos DB with SQL API. You will use the Data Explorer feature to create a database, create a collection and add documents to your collection. Next you will configure a Java application to connect to your Cosmos DB instance, create databases, create collections and query documents in the collection.

Related Learning Path(s):
Designing and Implementing Cosmos DB
  • Understand basic creation and querying of Cosmos DB using the Azure Portal and Java
  • Fundamental understanding of Cosmos DB
  • Fundamental concepts of Microsoft Azure
In this exercise, you will connect to the environment that was setup for the lab.
In this exercise, you will setup your Azure Cosmos DB account. You will then use the Azure Portal to configure a database and a collection in Cosmos DB. You will then add documents to your collection and learn to query and collect basic runtime information using the Azure Portal and Azure Storage Explorer. 
In this exercise, you will connect to a Cosmos DB account from a Java application. You will modify the code of the application to create a database and a collection. You will then add documents to the database from the Java application and issue queries from your Java application. 
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